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Soho Overview

Soho’s picturesque cobblestone streets, cast-iron buildings and designer boutiques draw quite a crowd. Literally. The narrow streets are so packed that most city folk (and even Soho residents themselves) tend to avoid the area, especially on weekends and around the holidays. But don’t swear off Soho -- visitors who check out the district’s many quality stores, restaurants and sidewalk vendors during off-peak hours are rarely disappointed.

Soho Boundaries

Soho stretches from Canal Street to Houston Street and lies between the Hudson River and Lafayette Street.

Soho Transportation

  • Subway: A/C/E to Canal or C/E to Spring Street; 1/2/3 to Houston and Canal Streets; R/W to Prince Street; N/R/Q/W to Canal Street, 6 to Canal and Spring Streets; J/M/Z to Canal Street.

  • Bus: The M21 goes cross-town on Houston Street. The M1 and M6 run down Broadway. The M1 runs back up Lafayette and the M6 up 6th Avenue. The M20 runs up Hudson Street and down Varick Street.

Soho Apartments and Real Estate

While many of central Soho’s expansive loft spaces are now reserved for the millionaires who can afford to live high above the shopping crowds, the pre-war brick walkups in West Soho have seen renovations and an influx of middle-class residents. Head further west towards the Hudson and find new condos and luxury apartment buildings with hefty price tags.

  • To Rent: Studio/1-Bedroom, $2,000-$3,500+. 2-Bedroom, $4,000-$6,000+. Larger than 2-Bedroom, $6,000-$15,000+.

  • To Buy: Studio/1-Bedroom, $750,000-$2,200,000+. 2-Bedroom, $2,800,000-$7,000,000+. Larger than 2-Bedroom, $5,000,000-$18,000,000+.

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